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Meeting Points Promo

Meeting Rewards, Your Way

Pantages Hotel Toronto Centre, in the heart of Downtown Toronto, is the perfect setting for your next meeting. Booking a meeting at Pantages has never had more benefits!  It's a great way to hold a state of the art meeting, plus you will receive rewards in the end that best suits you or your organization.

Whether you’re planning a full-fledged conference, corporate teambuilding event or executive retreat, you’ll find the perfect location and programs at our collection of Ontario meeting properties. Meet easy at Skyline Hotels & Resorts and start earning your rewards today! 

Skyline Hotels & Resorts Gift Card   


Choose a gift card from your host property and earn the highest 

Guest Room Revenue

Gift Card

       Multiple Meeting 
      Gift Card Amount

$5K - $9,999


     $600 Gift Card

$10K - $14,999


  $1,100 Gift Card

$15K - $19,999


$1,600 Gift Card

$20K - $24,999


$2,100 Gift Card

$25K - $74,999


$2,500 Gift Card

$75K - $124,999


$3,200 Gift Card

$125K & up


$3,600 Gift Card


Other Reward Options  

Choose one of the following options 
and earn these amounts.

MasterCard or Visa Gift Card 
Corporate Charitable Donation 
Master Account Credit

 Guest Room Spend

    Reward Amount

       Multiple Meeting 
      Gift Card Amount

$5K - $9,999

   $200 Value

   $500 Value

$10K - $14,999

   $400 Value

   $900 Value

$15K - $19,999

   $600 Value

$1,300 Value

$20K - $24,999

   $800 Value

$1,700 Value

$25K - $74,999

$1,000 Value

$2,100 Value

$75K - $124,999

$1,200 Value

$2,600 Value

$125K & up

$1,500 Value

$3,200 Value


Submit an  RFP here   | Call 1-800-461-6522 | Send email request to:

*Gift cards are valid at the property where the meeting(s) take place. Multiple meetings must be booked at the same time and take place within 18 months of  the contract date. Applicable for new bookings only. Reward is based on guest room revenue actualized before taxes and applicable fees. Ask your sales manager how your meeting can qualify. Subject to change; as at  3/3/14.

  • Shop and Stay Package Receive a $50 gift card to the Eaton Centre

    Starting from $189/night

  • Cocktail Team Building Become a mixologist and unleash your inner bartender

    From $49 per person

  • Spa and Save Enjoy, Relax and Stay

    Packages from $259

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