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Pantages Hotel - Where to go for Dinner in Toronto: Jazz Bistro

For those that love experiencing fine dining and music, we recommend trying the Jazz Bistro located next to the infamous Senator restaurant, down the street from the Pantages Hotel.

In the center of the bistro sits a beautiful one-of-a-kind Steinway piano.  Some of the worlds greatest Jazz musicians frequent the Bistro to perform their musical masterpieces for guests to enjoy.  The thoughtful design of the room creates a creative and comfortable space, with touches of sophistication.

Executive chef Umesh Diwaker creates delightful dishes using locally grown produce and fresh ingredients, inspired by classic French-style cooking.  From the Pan Roasted Ontario Duck to the Hazelnut Créme Brulee, each dish on the Jazz Bistro menu delivers superior taste from the first to the last bite.

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