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Pantages Hotel - Top 3 Italian Restaurants in Toronto

There’s nothing like a mouth-watering bowl of home-made pasta or a cheese covered pizza fresh from the wood oven.  It’s no wonder Italian restaurants are a go-to choice when deciding where to dine for the evening.

Here are our top 3 picks for Italian restaurants in Toronto:

1) Gusto 101

Gusto 101, TorontoRecently frequented by First Lady Michelle Obama and our very own Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Gusto 101 is our top Italian restaurant pick.  “Gusto (pronounced Goo-sto) means tasty in Italian,” which perfectly sums up each dish on their menu.  All one has to do is scroll through their Instagram account for mouthwatering ideas of what to order.


2) Terroni

Terroni, TorontoFrom its humble beginnings on Queen West, Terroni has grown to 7 locations in Toronto, becoming perhaps the most recognizable Italian establishment in the city.  “Materia Prima” (meaning Raw Material) is what Terroni is all about.  Each dish is created using the best raw ingredients, sourced globally by owner Cosimo Mammoliti himself.

3) Buca

Buca, TorontoWith three locations in Downtown Toronto, foodies can’t go wrong with dinner at any of the Buca locations.  Rated as one of Canada’s top restaurants, Buca creates exceptional Italian dishes with seasonal ingredients.  A modern classic, balancing old-world dishes with new contemporary culinary ideas and techniques.

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