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Pantages Hotel - Fran's: Where Breakfast Happens 24/7

Undoubtedly a Toronto Institution, Fran’s Restaurant has been serving up classic comfort food favorites since they first opened their doors in 1940.  It is one of those traditional family-owned and operated diners that eagerly welcomes guests into their warm atmosphere.  Ask a Torontonian what their favorite Fran’s memory is, and they will likely recount a time when they ordered pancakes at an obscure hour in the morning.

From classic dishes like their famous banquet burger to a slice of their homemade apple pie, customers will be sure to find what they want to curb cravings.  Are you vegan? No problem.  The menu at Fran’s features tasty meat-free dishes like their must-try Vegan Chili.  

Fran’s has three establishments in Toronto, and one is located in our very own building at Shuter and Victoria.

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