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Pantages Hotel - Our Favourite Whisky Bars in Toronto

“Whisky is liquid sunshine.”
– George Bernard Shaw

If you agree with Shaw that Whisky is ‘liquid sunshine’, then read on for first-rate recommendations for the best Whisky Bars Toronto has to offer.

1) CC Lounge

The CC Lounge in Toronto, OntarioLocated only a 12-minute walk away from the Pantages Hotel is the charming CC Restaurant & Lounge. The custom-made wood whisky tunnel is a must have experience for any fan of this amber spirit.  CC Lounge features an impressive Whisky, Bourbon, and Scotch menu for guests to choose from. From peaty single malts to rare Irish whiskeys, one could spend a significant amount of time selecting their drink of choice.

2) The Caledonian

The Caledonian in Toronto, OntarioIf you love a traditional Scottish Public House, then The Caledonian is the destination to explore.  With over 300 malts and blends, guests can enjoy endless selection and taste, combined with traditional Scottish fare and hospitality.  The Caledonian is located on College Street, a 20-minute cab ride from the Pantages Hotel.

3) The Emmet Ray

The Emmet Ray in Toronto, OntarioIf you’re looking for a bar with Character, not Polish, then look no further than ‘The Emmet Ray’.  A bar that was named after the elusive Jazz guitarist Emmet Ray, playing host to some of the best live jazz music in Toronto.  It’s a place where a whisky can be found for any taste, with over 230 bottles and counting.


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