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Pantages Hotel - Romantic activities for couples visiting Toronto.

Paris. Rome. Toronto? Your first inclination might not be to put Toronto on the list of top cities for lovebirds. But a closer look would show you otherwise.

 Classic pictures of Toronto skyscrapers and busy streets don’t automatically inspire visions of couples in love. However, dimly lit restaurants, beautiful pathways through luscious green spaces and world-class theatre might. You’ll find all those romantic things to do in Toronto and more. With a bit of a planning, a weekend getaway here could be exactly what Cupid had in mind.

For romantic dinner types

For years, Toronto was a “nothing-special” food city. Then, about 10 years ago, the city’s eclectic tastes started making waves and it became a foodie haven. Now, it’s matured into food+ experience. And if it’s an experience for two you’re looking for, you have many options. We like to send our guests to Byblos on Duncan Street. This Mediterranean resto was made for couples. The menu was designed for sharing and the wine list covers all the world’s romantic hotspots from the Côte d’Azur to the Amalfi Coast to the Greek Islands.

For romantic walk types

Most parks in Toronto give you a breathtaking view of the city, but none’s better than the one from Riverdale Park. The unimpeded vista of the city lights will blow you away, as will the charming neighbourhood behind it. If you’re thinking about renovating your house back home, you’ll find inspiration in spades on Wolfrey, Hogarth and Sparkhall Avenues.

For romantic performance types

Roy Thompson Hall’s musical program ranges from classical performance to Hollywood homage, but what makes the venue so perfect for couples is how comfortable it is. Most of the theatres in town pack patrons in like sardines (as they should), but the seating at Roy Thompson lets you stretch out, get comfortable and enjoy the show together. There’s even enough room to hold hands without the awkwardness of figuring out where to put your elbows.

For romantic getaway types

Some couples visit want to escape even further. For this, there are three directions to go.

About two hours east is Prince Edward County, which is affectionately known as Canada’s bread basket. For generations, the majority of Canada’s produce has come from here, so the local farmers know what they’re doing. And “The County” has recently grown into its own as a wine destination. If romance is what you’re looking for, book a tasting at Huff Estates.

South is the Niagara region and quaint Niagara-on-the-Lake. This village is a couple’s paradise with quaint antique shops, gorgeous cafés and a majestic view of the river.

And of course…there’s your Pantages Hotel room

If you’re staying here with your boo, you chose well. And if you haven’t booked yet, check out our Romance for Two package. Enjoy your much-needed escape into each other’s arms.

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