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Pantages Hotel - Toronto Theatre: Shows to see in December and January

Toronto’s theatre scene has made it to the world stage. It’s the third largest English-language offering in the world (behind New York and London) and the selection is getting better every year. Here are some of the plays in Toronto that you should see while you’re in town.

Peter Pan at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts ($25 and up)

The Young Centre is one of Toronto’s newest theatres, created in one of Toronto’s oldest buildings. It’s home to the Soulpepper Theatre Company, one of the most creative and innovative groups operating in Toronto, and this version of Peter Pan more than lives up to the reputation. Tickets are affordable and the show is perfect for adults and families.

It’s playing now until January 5th.

Winter Wonderland at Famous PEOPLE Players ($70 and up)

The Famous PEOPLE Players tagline is “Where Special Happens,” and it’s true. The troupe was founded to give special needs people with a penchant for performing the opportunity to do so, and it’s become one of the most rewarding and interesting experiences in Toronto because (a) it’s inspiring to see challenges overcome and (b) the performances are really good. If you’re looking to feel good and do good in advance of the holiday or you want to start the year off with some good karma, get yourself a ticket to this show.

Winter Wonderland is playing now until January 5th.

Come From Away at the Royal Alexandra ($40 and up)

We can’t think of another Broadway musical that takes place in Canada, but based on this smash hit, more probably should. Come From Away is the story of 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland where the small town housed, clothed and fed thousands of stranded air travellers after US airspace was closed. The performances are fun, the music is catchy and the set design is thoroughly inspiring.

It’s playing now until January 20th.

Champions of Magic at the Bluma Appel Theatre ($100 and up)

It’s a bit off the beaten path, but well worth it if you want to leave shaking your head in amazement. After a season in London’s West End, these illusionists have come to Toronto with supercars, some tricks from Houdini’s bag, levitation and magical performance you won’t see anywhere else. And the finale is something you absolutely have to see to believe — and even so, you won’t believe it.

It’s playing now until January 6th.

The Play That Goes Wrong at the Ed Mirvish Theatre ($49 and up)

Currently Broadway’s longest-running play (and probably it’s funniest), this Olivier Award-winning comedy blends Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes. If you’re feeling one with melodrama and heavy-handedness on stage, give yourself over to this and leave with pains in your side from all the belly laughing you’ll do. Also, the Mirvish Theatre is a stone’s throw from our hotel so you can come back, reapply your makeup after laughing so hard that you ruin it, and then go out again.

It’s playing from January 8 to February 10.

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