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We have a gym available for Pantages Hotel guests to enjoy if you like to stick to your exercise routine while travelling. But if you’re after a more unique workout, Toronto has many fantastic fitness options. Try one of these:


Focussing on positivity, inclusivity and fun, Crunch has a workout for everyone, regardless of shape, size, age, race, gender or fitness level. Located just down the street at College Park, 382 Yonge Street, Crunch offers fun, high-energy fitness classes that include:

  • An Awesome ‘80s Dance Party, featuring hot new routines set to retro dance tracks
  • Cardio Tai Box, a combination of upbeat music, martial arts, boxing and cardio training
  • Absolution, which involves core strengthening floorwork paired with deep restorative stretching

Brass Vixens

Just steps south of the hotel at 577 Yonge Street,  Brass Vixens offers pole dancing classes, including their SpinPole and EroticPole streams, to students of all levels. But if pole work seems daunting, you can enjoy their full body conditioning and flexibility programs as well as burlesque and twerk classes.


Barreworks at 625 Queen Street West blends fitness training, core conditioning, dance, yoga and Pilates into one high-powered class. Using the ballet barre, resistance bands and weighted balls, you’ll experience an energizing combination of muscle sculpting, cardio training, core work and deep stretching with an emphasis on posture and alignment, all set to a super-fun soundtrack.


AquaMermaid, where you learn how to swim wearing a mermaid tail, is a new workout option for students of all ages, genders and swimming levels. Multiple arm placement variations let you perform a variety of unique swimming activities. Transform yourself into a creature of the sea at the Toronto AquaMermaid location on 200 Eglinton Ave W.


As it uses over 85% of the muscles in your body and burns more calories per minute than cycling, running or swimming, rowing is one of the best workouts available. The rowing classes at Scullhouse, just south and east at 35 Jarvis Street, are high-energy, high-intensity and low-impact, and feature dim lighting and motivating playlists.


At BOLO (364 Richmond Street West), the trainers believe to keep interests high, avoid injury and constantly hit new goals, we should be stimulated in different ways from one day to the next. As well as their core boxing classes, offerings include:

  • TRX/BOSU, a lower impact workout that challenges the mind and body using suspension straps (TRX) and the half stability ball (BOSU)
  • HIIT BOX, a high-impact sweat storm where you squat, lunge, plank and crunch – all while hitting stuff
  • HIT & LIFT, involves using battle ropes, kettlebells, med balls and more to provide an intense, full-body workout

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