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From the front door of our hotel, you have access to the entire city by foot and you’ll definitely get in all your steps for the day. But if you need a bit more of a sweat, the spin classes Toronto offers all over town can get you the workout you’re looking for. And they all offer classes at every level, from beginner to vet. We’ve done them all, and here are our five favourites. 


This outfit was Toronto’s original spin class and they’ve always done things a bit uniquely. They light their rooms with candles and the energy you’ll get from your instructor will equal a thousand flames. The closest SoulCycle to our hotel is at 435 King Street West, which you can absolutely walk to. Alternatively, if you’re saving your energy for class, you can take a cab or the King streetcar.

Photo Credit: @SoulCycle on Instagram


This class mixes high-octane exercise with high-octane disco (they even have disco balls on the ceiling to complete the look). They talk about engaging the “butt, core and arms,” but what it really engages is that part of your brain that instinctively moves to the music. If you need a bit of extra oomph in this way, Spin/Co at 129 Spadina is your class.

Photo Credit: Spin/Co


Hot spinning might not seem like a rational thing to do, but the team at Spokehaüs swears by the detoxifying benefits of super sweating. The classes are a bit shorter than classes at other studios (45 minutes versus an hour), but when you walk out drenched, you won’t notice the difference. That’s a promise.

Photo Credit: @Spokehaus on Instagram

Ride Cycle Club

While the workout here is challenging and fun, the best part about the Ride Cycle Club is the branding. It was created in part by the son of the founder of Lululemon, and the attention to detail comes through. Also, the swag you can get here and bring home with you is unlike anything you’ll find at any spin class anywhere. Guaranteed.

Photo Credit: @Ridecycleclub on Instagram

Just so you know about spinning in Toronto

Classes may seem expensive compared to where you’re from (unless you’re from New York or L.A., in which case spinning in Toronto is a steal). So if you want to feel better about dropping that kind of money on a spin class, save on your Toronto stay by booking with us.

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