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The restaurant scene in the 6ix has always been known for its innovation. More and more vegetarian and vegan restaurants are opening to keep up with demand – here are a few of our favourite places for plant-based food in downtown Toronto!


Touting itself as a “feel good vegan Mexican restaurant,” Rosalinda proves that plant-based is anything but bland. Founded by a trio of Toronto’s most notable restaurateurs, Rosalinda features an enticing array of innovative dishes and Mexican classics made vegetarian with impressive style and skill. The Rosaburger is a must for anyone holding on to the outdated notion that a plant-based patty can’t be delicious — the black bean, rice and beet base is topped off with a flavourful mix of chipotle mayo, avocado salsa, smoked eggplant and veggie bacon for an irresistible crunch. The light-filled space and fresh ingredients and spices bring a touch of sunshine to even the bleakest of winter days — and if all that doesn’t cheer you up, one glance at the cocktail menu will put a smile on your face. For non-drinkers, there’s a great selection of “placebo cocktails”.

Kupfert and Kim

Kupfert and Kim is a popular plant-based quick-service restaurant with several locations around Toronto, including one on the lower level of First Canadian Place. (The building is also Canada’s tallest skyscraper, at 298m.) Nearly all of the menu items, including sauces, pickles and curries, are prepared fresh in-house — and the results don’t disappoint. Everything from the smoothie bowls to the Paleo cookies are packed with freshness and flavour. For a treat, try the turmeric latte or the Hello Dolly bar with kale, ginger root, hemp seeds and mint. The chain also practices the earth-friendly mandate it preaches – the majority of ingredients are sourced from carefully vetted organic providers, and you can bring in your own reusable takeout containers to receive a discount when you check out.


One of Toronto’s newest healthy meal options, Planta takes plant-based cuisine to the next level with intricately prepared plates like truffle-infused mushroom coconut udon noodles, ahi watermelon maki and spinach shitake dumplings. Chic décor and daily specials like Maki Mondays and Disco & Dumpling Fridays have quickly made a name for the Queen Street location, where tables book up quickly and you’ll often see a line out the door. It’s a great place to bring friends or family members who still believe that plant-based means granola and tofurkey.

Whether you’re experimenting with a plant-based diet or just in the mood for some lighter fare, these restaurants will satisfy your stomach and your taste buds!

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