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Updated Fall 2023

Professional, personal, or pleasure, there are many reasons that bring you to Toronto for a long-term stay. Whatever your reasons are, one thing that you don’t want to do is sacrifice style and luxury for affordability. After all, you’ll be staying for a while… your landing pad in the city should be as sophisticated as you are, with all the amenities you need to make you want to stay even longer.

A long-term stay at the Pantages Hotel in downtown Toronto is so much more than just a place to stay; The Pantages boutique hotel is a destination you’ll love coming home to!

City, Suite, Studio, and Accessible: our room types are so much more than four walls and a bed. Each style delivers a level of luxury, elegantly designed to enhance your comfort, making your stay feel like an indulgence.

See all Room Styles at the Pantages here

Booking An Extended Stay is Simple!

A long-term stay doesn’t mean having to sacrifice luxury for affordability! Our Extended  Stay Offers give you the best value while you stay in style and make choosing the right long-term hotel simple! As a bonus,  you’ll earn Aeroplan® Points when you book directly with us. Our helpful Team Members help you make an extended stay choice that is right for you—call us directly to book your extended stay in downtown Toronto. For a limited time, enjoy double the Aeroplan® Points when you book with Pantages.

Extended Stay Tips for a Great Experience

  • Location Matters. Your extended stay downtown in Toronto should be convenient and easy for you to get to all the things that you need to do in a day! An extended-stay hotel near landmarks and attractions makes getting around easy.

  • Stay on Schedule.  Not every long-term hotel stay is an extended vacation! To make your home-away-from-home feel more like home, create and follow a familiar schedule, including exercise, outdoor time, meal times and sleep habits. Take advantage of hotel services to help you stay on track.

  • Use the amenities. You may not have a gym at home, but the hotel does—getting to the hotel gym, spa, or pool is as easy as going up or down a few floors.

  • Ask the locals for tips!  Nobody knows the local hotspots better than the people who live and work in the area!

Choose the Room That Meets Your Style

When it comes to ensuring that your extended stay hotel is as comfortable as possible, the only other choice you have to make is choosing your room style.

We offer thoughtfully considered and elegantly designed room styles that make a long-term hotel stay a luxurious one.

Consider staying in a chic  Studio Room—our favourite!  Studio Rooms are elegance combined with convenience, featuring kitchens that make long-term stays feel more like home. Make your own meals and save on dining out expenses. Relax in a spa-style bathroom featuring amenities by C.O. Bigelow.

Browse Extended Stay Packages at the Pantages

Downtown location meets modern elegance—exactly the right combination you’re looking for in an extended-stay hotel in downtown Toronto!

The Pantages Hotel in downtown Toronto has great packages for all types of extended stays. Browse them here.


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